Developing Various Products for the Telecom Industry.
Shireen Inc. develops various products for the Telecom Industry; understanding that there still remain a vast majority of regions, industries and people who do not receive a sufficiently strong cell phone signal. This State of the Art Single Band Repeater/Amplifier design increases signal strength and improves cellular communication without a physical connection to the cell phone.

The amplifier has a typical signal gain of 60dB which is automatically controlled using proprietary digital design. It can be employed in large yachts, homes and offices.

The Cellular Repeater/Amplifier works in the following manner: An outside antenna (placed outside the premises) receives the signal from the base station, the Cell Amplifier unit amplifies the signal and repeats it to the cell phones through the inside antenna (placed indoors). You get the freedom to walk around while talking on your phone. This technology allows clean and clear wireless functioning of multiple cell phones operating in the 800MHz or 1900 MHz bands.

Cellular Repeaters

Key Features:
  • Plug and Play
  • High Gain
  • Low power consumption
  • USA FCC certified
  • Supports: AMPS/TDMA/PCS/CDMA/GSM850/GSM1900/GPRS

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Item #

Frequency (MHz)

Max. Output

Power Consumption

RF Connectors



 18852  UL: 824-849
DL: 869-894
3 @ 824-849 2 @ 5 VDC  Type N Female Specifications
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 18850  UL: 824-849 & 1850-1910
DL: 869-894 & 1930-1990
 3 @ 824-849
2 @ 1850-1910
  2 @ 5 VDC
0.75 @ 5VDC (Stand by)
Type N Female Specifications
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FCC notice: The marketing, sale and use of power amplifiers are governed by and subject to FCC rules & regulations under Part 15.247. Shireen’s ISM band amplifiers are available for export, military, OEM & licensed customers only. It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer/operator to insure that only approved equipment/systems are deployed. Shireen provides full engineering support to OEMs interested in certified systems.