shireen-logoShireen, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures components and systems for the Broadband Wireless, SCADA, Military and Telecommunications industries. Our solutions include everything from “mission critical” components for military communication systems to increasing the power of WiFi installations.

What We Offer
Our products are constantly improved to take advantage of the latest technology available. We specialize in custom designs and solutions for all segments of the wireless industry. At Shireen, we make wireless work!

About Our Founder
CEO Nusrat Jamal, a pioneer in the field of RF amplification in broadband wireless applications, started the company in 2005. From humble beginnings the company has grown to be a leading supplier to the communication industry and now offers products to several market segments. Mr. Jamal is a graduate of George Mason University and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering. He also holds two patents for RF amplification systems.

The products covering various market segments are:

Bi-Directional Amplifiers
WISPs WiFi, SCADA, Telecom and military customers
Frequency Converters
Military and licensed applications
Telecom Products
Items necessary for Cell Phone tower installations
RF Cables, Connectors and Accessories
For all wireless set-ups
“Octopus” Wireless Systems
Point to point & point to multi-point systems, last mile access, wide area network solutions

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Product Information
For more information about our products, please contact us directly at +1-301-838-4380 or email us at