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RJ45 Connectors

An 8-wire telephone-type connector used with twisted-pair cabling for connecting computers, wall plates, patch panels, and other networking components. RJ-45 is the standard type of connector for both unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) and shielded twisted-pair (STP) cabling in star-topology Ethernet networks such as 10BaseT and 100BaseT4...

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RET Control Cables

Designed for RF Telecom infrastructures with Remote Electrical Tilt components based systems. Fully compliant with AISG EIA-485 Layer 1 systems, feed data and power from the controller to the RET system components. Also available by the foot...

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Power Over Ethernet

Power Over Ethernet A POE dc injector with surge protection built-in. This unit features ultra fast gas tubes and high current diodes for optimum performance...

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Custom Cable Wizard

Shireen Inc specializes in making high end cable assemblies, apart from bulk cables we also provide custom made pigtails and jumper cables...

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RF Amplifiers

Wideband high performance and high reliability RF Amplifiers that operates within different frequency ranges....

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Wireless (WiFi)

Octopus Wireless Series Beating the limits. This amazing 802.11n WiFi USB adapter offers more than 4 times the transmit power than our competitors, while featuring outstanding receive sensitivity of -100dBm...

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