GSM 1800 Full Duplex Operation Model #18-860
Shireen Inc. introduces a state of the art cellular solution in 1800MHz band for hard to reach places. The Pico Cell Amplifier as it is called, amplifies the uplink as well as downlink frequencies of a mobile base station. The unit is directly connected to mobile BTS hence providing more signal in spotty areas. Applications exist in and are not limited to in-building/remote areas, Marine & Aviation, public spaces, disaster hit areas etc.

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Product Spec #18-860

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Frequency Range: Uplink: 1710 – 1785 MHz
Downlink: 1805 – 1880 MHz
Technology: GSM 1800/EDGE 8PSK (MCS5-9)
Operation: Full Duplex
Downlink Output Power: 15 Watts
Downlink Power Gain: 23dB (+/- 2dB)
Uplink Power Gain: 30 dB (+/- 2dB)
Uplink Noise Figure: better than 3dB
I/O Impedance: 50 Ohms
Power Consumption 24 ~ 28 VDC
440 mA (Receivable Mode);
1.5A (Transmit Mode – Max Pout)
RF Connections: Type N
Dimensions: 5.8″ x 6.3″ x 1.5″
(148mm x 161 mm x 37mm)
Weight: 2lb 4 oz. (1.0 kg)
Operation Temperature: -40 °C to 70 °C
Enclosure: Watertight machined aluminum housing with Anodized finish

FCC notice: The marketing, sale and use of power amplifiers are governed by and subject to FCC rules & regulations under Part 15.247. Shireen’s ISM band amplifiers are available for export, military, OEM & licensed customers only. It is the responsibility of the purchaser/installer/operator to insure that only approved equipment/systems are deployed. Shireen provides full engineering support to OEMs interested in certified systems.